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Refund and Cancellation Policy

There are situations when an already booked hotel needs to be cancelled. Whether this can be done and whether you will have to pay a fine depends on the booking conditions, which must be read at the time of booking.
The number of rooms is limited and so in the event of non-arrival or canceled reservations, the hotel loses guests who are ready to check in the same day.

1. If you cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance, we will refund you the full amount.
2. In case of non-arrival, the payment is not refundable.
3. If you checked in, but after a few days you had to cancel your stay and you requested a refund for the remaining days, a 10% fee will be deducted.
4. Please note that if payment was made through payment systems and the refund will be made in cash, a 10% tax charge will be deducted for cashing out the amount.

You can cancel your reservation through our website or by writing through the contact form.


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